7 Great Reasons Why Learning After Effects Will Change Your Life

Jul 07, 2021


If you aren’t learning After Effects, why don’t you give it an honest try? The amazing application wonders of After Effects have no bounds. It will take you from one level to the next with the dynamics and versatility that it provides for video.

After Effects turns your videos into works of art that touch the soul through text animations, motion graphics and mistake erasers.

These are the seven reasons that learning After Effects will not only change your life, but create a better experience for you as a Filmmaker or a Video editor. Let’s take a look at how you can reinvent yourself as an artist with After Effects and change your work forever.


1. It helps you to turn your videos into magic

For the record, yes, your videos are already magic. But, After Effects will only enhance the amazingness that you already created.

A great example is when you’re trying to add objects that are not there during the shoot; like setting your hand on fire for clout. That perfect shot of the sunset will only be intensified with a little digital enhancement, something that only After Effects can give you.

An example video:


2. Gets you more high-budget jobs and lets you raise your rates as a Filmmaker or a Video editor

There’s never one answer as to why you are the amazing Filmmaker and Video editor that you are. However, with learned skills of After Effects as another tool in your toolbelt, you can find clients that are willing to pay you top dollar for your new found wealth of knowledge.

The time has come, you and your colleagues are trying to find clients. But, your phone is ringing off the hook because future clients have seen your past work with the SFX that you did with After Effects.

They saw the magical sunset and the cool effect of your hand catching on fire, while you were none the wiser. Just imagine, everyone pining after you because you know how to make the best digitally and aesthetically pleasing video content.




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3. Fixes mistakes you might have made during the shoot

Not every day is a win. Sometimes, you don’t get the shot that you had in your head or your DP didn’t follow through with your vision and things seem backwards in post.

Let’s talk about what can go wrong. Try to picture it, you’ve got your shot list prepped and your camera frames burnt into your brain. But, your DP got the crane in all of the shots that you obviously didn’t want in the frame.

Well, that’s where After Effects comes in to fix the small mishaps that sometimes pop up in the editing room. The crane is easily removable with After Effects to the rescue!

Take a look at this before and after video. 👇️


4. Helps you to stand out from other filmmakers and gets you noticed in potential client's eyes

Nowadays, filmmakers are a dime a dozen. Everyone with a smartphone says that they are a filmmaker. But with the editing know-how of After Effects, it will set you apart from the crowd. One of the great things that can set you apart is the use of animations in your work.

By tracking facial movements with animations in After Effects, you can turn an actor’s face into a skull with expressions that will match your actor’s facial movements. After Effect can revolutionize video with effects and presentations; thus making you a diamond in the rough.

Watch this example video. 👇️


5. Transforms your brand as a filmmaker

In this day and age, everything comes down to branding. What you’re posting on social media needs to have branding in order to find an audience and build a following.

Text Animation is a great use of brand transformation. By creating a logo that lights up, changes into a cartoon, then flips inside out to an all new logo is visually groundbreaking.

As a filmmaker, the dynamics of After Effects will allow you to create unique branding of yourself as a creator.

An example logo animation:


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6. Lets you become the master of motion graphics

When you are working with video in post, motion graphics bring your work to the next level.

After Effects provides so many different options of motion graphics, such as text, images, and additional footage. Your inspired motion graphics animation of your favorite childhood animation prances across the screen of your latest video.

As it captures audiences with its colorful movement and ingenious story telling, once again, you’ve proved your superiority as an After Effects god. By having various graphics, you would be able to create more palpable content.

After Effects will make you the master of your domain of filmmaking and video editing.

 An example video:


7. Gives you endless opportunities with the skills of AE

The final reason that learning After Effects will change your life is the endless amount of options that it provides.

As a Video editor or a Filmmaker, you have so many avenues that you can run down. Within After Effects, you can create a totally different world than what you shot in production.

For instance, say you shot your video in a barn; the hay is in the air, sunlight peeking through the wood slats. But in After Effects, you transform your video into a story about Mars with red rays of lights and moon dust.

Let After Effects guide you down the right road to unlock the biggest and best version of yourself as an artist.



You are doing yourself a disservice if you don’t learn After Effects. It’s an app that seasons bland footage to curate perfectly tempered videos full of eye candy for clients and audiences.

If you aren’t using After Effects, your creativity is stunted by the lack of possibilities in your work. After Effects will definitely change your life because you’ll be an all new human being with a plethora of knowledge about the app.


With After Effects you’ll be able to:

✅ turn your videos into magic (literally),

✅ get more high-budget jobs,

✅ fix mistakes you might have made during the shoot,

✅ stand out from other filmmakers.


To sum up, it will create tons of effects after you shoot your video. Ha! See what I did there? ;)


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