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I know how frustrating it is to not make enough money as a filmmaker

I feel your pain, I’ve been there. I remember the days when I was refreshing my inbox several times a day to make sure I didn’t miss any response from cold emails I have sent to potential customers. I felt invisible to them.

Right now, after I expanded my skill set and learned After Effects, I am the one who chooses projects I want to work with.


About 500 filmmakers from 40+ countries around the world joined Filmmaker's VFX Guide

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Kamil Ignatowski

"After 3 months in the course I just had my first VFX paid project!"

Scott Rippey

“I wish I had found this course as a beginner After Effects user, it would have saved me A LOT of time.”

Dominik Bargon

"I’ve been looking for a good AE Course for over 3 years now, and I paid thousands of euros for many different courses. But I never was really satisfied. I am now half way through the course and totally blown away. This was one of the best two courses I ever purchased."

Branin Podolski

"Having a linear course that teaches in the order you should learn is far better than combing through YouTube videos of varying difficulty."


I believe that with enough time and effort ANYONE can learn After Effects!

You CAN easily become a VFX wizard

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Filmmaker's VFX Guide by Jacek Adamczyk

  • Lifetime membership to the course
  • 50+ lessons
  • 8+ hours of jam-packed content
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The problem with going solo...

Of course you want to make a great living doing what you love - because who doesn’t? But one of the main problems is getting clients and standing out from thousands of other creators. One of the solutions is learning a new skill and providing additional value, for example learning After Effects. The problem is - it’s hard to learn any new skill if you don’t know where to start. If you try opening the program by yourself it makes you feel confused and then frustrated after a while, when you can’t find a solution to a problem you’ve ran into. You might have even tried in the past and gave up.

I believe that software shouldn’t prevent us from bringing our ideas into reality. Creative programs should liberate us, not cause headaches. I know how hard it is to learn by yourself. That’s why, after a few years of working in AE and having people message me to do work for them purely because of my VFX skills, I decided to create a guide I wish I had when I started.

Here’s how it works: 

1️⃣ You buy the course and learn interface and basic after effects concepts first

2️⃣ You learn secrets of the program and techniques you can use in your work

3️⃣ Impress your clients, can pitch more creative ideas and charge more for the work you do.

So join us now, so you can stop wasting your precious time digging through hours and hours of, often chaotic, YouTube tutorials. After you’ve joined, you can follow along with lessons and bring to life your own ideas. If you have any issues - you can post on our closed Facebook group where other members and myself support you on your journey.


What's in the course?

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  1. Welcome to the Course
  2. Discounts - Action VFX 10% OFF
  3. Discounts - RE:Vision 30% OFF
  4. Discounts - 2 months FREE
  5. My gear
  1. Creating a new project
  2. Importing footage
  3. Interface Part 1 - Project Window, Effects panel, Toolbar
  4. Interface Part 2 - Viewport, Layers panel
  5. Keyframes, animations - Part 1
  6. Keyframes, animations - Part 2
  7. 2D transformations
  8. 3D transformations
  9. Precompositions
  10. Blending modes
  11. AE Cameras
  12. AE Lights
  13. Pin tool
  1. Tracking Interface
  2. Simple point tracking
  3. Problematic point tracking
  4. 3D Camera tracking
  5. Stabilize motion
  6. Mocha AE part 1 - interface
  7. Mocha AE part 2 - tracking
  8. Mocha tracking with obstructions
  1. Masks
  2. Track mattes
  3. Rotobrush
  1. Expressions part 1
  2. Expressions part 2
  1. Object removal
  2. Warp stablizer
  3. Clone stamp tool
  1. My most used effects
  2. Compositing
  3. Time remapping
  4. Tower raise up
  5. Sky replacement
  6. Building wobble
  7. Hologram effects
  8. Audio animation
  9. Matrix Mid-Air closeup
  10. My AD breakdown / walkthrough
  11. Morph transition
  12. Door transition
  13. Powerlines wiggle - Jain - Makeba music video
  14. Folded paper transition - Jain - Makeba music video
  15. 3D Box effect
  16. 3D Clone effect
  1. Replace a phone greenscreen
  2. Chroma key basics (Green screen in AE)
  1. Top 9 After Effects problems / issues
  2. Motion graphics basics - Lower 3rds and a call out title
  3. My Razer Ad breakdown
  4. Logo animations basics

1. Tracking windows and distorted image 


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